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Ultrasonic plastic welding machine Introduction and working principles
<LiHan Senior Engineer Mr Wen>

Part 1. ultrasonic plastic welding machine's main components
 An ultrasonic welding system components including the ultrasonic generator, transducer / AM device / welding head three Groups, mold and rack.
Part 2. ultrasonic plastic welding machine working principle
 Ultrasonic plastic welding machine and the working principle is similar to other basic principles of welding. The principle of ultrasonic welding through ultrasonic generator will convert the current 50/60 Hz change into 40 kHz 15,20,30 power. Be converted to electrical energy through the high-frequency transducer to be converted to the same frequency as a mechanical exercise, followed by mechanical movement can be changed through a set of amplitude of the AM transmission device to the welding head. Welding the first to receive the vibration of energy transfer to the interface of workpiece to be welded, in the region, vibration energy is converted through friction means heat, melting the plastic. Ultrasonic welding can be used not only hard thermoplastics can also be fabric and film processing.
1. Linear vibration friction How does it work?
 Linear vibration welding using friction welding two pieces of surface to be generated by the friction heat to melt plastic. Must stress from the heat under the surface of a workpiece in another to a certain degree of displacement or the amplitude of the movement back and forth. Once the welding to achieve the desired level of vibration will stop, at the same time must still be imposed on both the stress on the workpiece, so that just part of good welding cooling, curing, forming closely.
 2. Orbit vibration friction How does it work?
 Orbital vibration welding is a frictional heat using friction welding method. Vibration in the track of friction welding, the upper part of the workpiece to a fixed rate of orbital motion - to the circular motion in all directions. Exercise can produce heat, so that two pieces of plastic to reach the melting point of the welding part. Once the plastic start melting, on the cessation of exercise, the two parts will be welded and firmly solidified the link. Small workpiece clamping force generated will cause the smallest degree of deformation, less than 10 inches in diameter at the workpiece can be applied to the track vibration friction welding