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 Large embossed composite ultrasound machine available
"LIHAN marketing director Miss Lu"


 "Hongda" brand smart power ultrasonic pressure large-area composite embossing machines suit for TPU / PU / PVE / PE & non-woven materials etc embossed, embossing

First, uses and characteristics: This machine process man-made cotton, non-woven fabric, chemical fiber fabrics, silk, leather, and other soft materials using high-frequency ultrasound to make different patterns, embossed composite, apply to knitting, calico printing, inside cloth, fabric, footwear, upholstery, diapers, urinal pad, diapers sanitary napkins, cushion, non-slip mats, bullet-proof jackets, bedding, civil engineering and automotive industries. Because of using this advanced composite ultrasonic embossing process, so the products have soft, washable, high fastness features. This equipment save energy and has high efficiency. Pattern can according customers needs to design.
Second, specifications parameters:
1, Width 1520mm / 1850mm / 2200mm
2, embossing speed 600-1600 m / h adjustable.
3, flower-roll length, flower shape can according our customers needs to design
4, Rated Power :three-phase 380V 18KW
5, machine weight 2200kg
Third, machine structure: ultrasonic electrical station, embossing machinery, cloth frame, coil body formed of four parts.
 Fourth, Grams of complex 50-750 g, large-power is three times more than normal speed.
 Fifth, Can according customers width of processed products, tailor-made ultrasonic equipment.