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The fuction of ultrasonic disposable bed sheet machine
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        We Lihan fatory's development department develop a new machine for hospital,medical bed sheet is very important for hospital,every day has many patients go there,need to sleep.So our factory in order to meet the demand of medical market,we develop a new machine-ultrasonic disposable bed sheet machine,this machine can slove many problems,such as if you use the bed sheet not disposable,you should wash it,it is so waste time,with ultrasonic disposable bed sheet machine,you just can throw it after using.It is very sample.

       Let me introduct ultrasonic disposable bed sheet machine for you:
The Parameters of Automatic disposable bed sheet machine:
Equipment name Automatic disposable bed sheet machine
Model NO. HD-YL205002
Power 6500w
Voltage 380v
weight 1500kg
machine's size 220*1950*6800mm
Efficiency 50pcs/min
operator 1 person
Applied to industry Disposable mattress and sheet in medical treatment industry
Product configuration and features
1.The machinery frame, rack and platen are made up of aluminum profiles, thus the machine is handy to install by warranty the verticality and levelness, and rust protection benefits.
2.It is convenient to adjust tension power control according to magnetic powder control device install in pay-off frame.
3.The equipment traction group is major traction wheel, which is made up of high-strength rubber wheel, thus the material handling smoothly.
4.The back-welding group is vital to welding and forming process production.
5.The slicer group is main device for cutting production.
6.The equipment adopts belts to deliver approve product, meanwhile, waste haulage group is used for scrap movement.
7.The machine is selected and used step-less speed regulating device, thus the highest output is able to reach 50pcs/min, and smooth and stable operation.