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Automatic filter roller machine

Product introduction
Lihan machinery co, ltd is one of the largest professional manufacturers in medical equipment industryat home. In 1993, the corporation has been registered “Hongda” brand trademark in SAIC, which is a well-known reputation in domestic. Since decades year of technical development and production practice, Lihan has been accomplished a relatively complete system of medical equipment in the industry. Our company has produced a number of machines, which have superior performance and many technical patents. For instance, medical high-end stereo, cup-shaped, butterfly, duckbill, dustproof, plane, ladder type, N95 and 3M mask machine, automatic inside/outside ear loops welding machine, cap making machine, high-grade medical bed quilt cover machine, mattress machine, surgical grown machine, mask welding machine, disposable shoe cover machine, CPE gloves machine, PE groves machine and other equipment. All kinds of products, which is highly processed popular product by ultrasonic technique, there are extremely high sell points in overseas markets ,such as Germany, Italy, Brazil, India more than 40 countries and regions. We will continue to introduce a series of high-quality, high-tech, high efficiency products. Lihan Machinery Company will be able to meet various thoughts and requirement with client base, which bases on Well-equipped, strong technical force, complete detection means, ,and help them to understand the essence of enterprise concept.

“Hongda”brand Automatic filter roller machine: According to feature of filter cotton, the equipment is an innovated new machine since our company mastered the sophisticated breather valveproductive technology. The merits of machine following: It owns extremely high automaticity by means of automatic control system. Moreover, it is able to complete filter cotton forming operationin productive process.Furthermore, it is useful to reduce waste of material and improve the quality of approved product, which is pinch pass rolling and no seam open phenomenon,

The Parameters of Automatic filter roller machine

Equipment name Automatic filter roller machine
Model NO. HD-KZ154229
Power 4200w
Voltage 220v 15HZ
weight 370kg
Machine's size 2300*1300*1550mm
Efficiency 30-50pcs/min
Specification It is up to particular materials.
Applied to industry All kinds of eye patches, tourism supplies.
Product configuration and features
The equipment isan innovated newprofessionalmachine applied to breather valve of filter cotton, which is combined automatic control system with ultrasonic applied technology perfectly. The volumes of materials could be directly process by feeding step, moreover, the machine adopts ultrasonic thread-less seaming and side scraping technology.
⒈The power becomes stronger by means of select and use piezoelectric ceramics. Some parts of electric circuit are made up of imported components in order to prolong its lifetime.
⒉The merits following: It is handy to operate the machine and high efficiency. The output of one machine is equal to dozens of persons’work. It is useful to save labor force and reduce costs.
⒊According to ultrasonic features, it is able to complete the whole process at once. Moreover, the product pattern is clear, the effect of seaming step is perfect.
Co-operative manufacturers: Sichuang company in Hubei province, 3M company in Shanghai.
Filter samples picture:

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