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  • Product Name: Ultrasonic ribbon zipper cutting machine
  • Product Model: HD-LHJQ1507
  • Category: Ultrasonic Cutting Series
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Product details

 Ultrasonic ribbon zipper cutting machine

The brand of “HONGDA” about ultrasonic ribbon zipper cutting machine, is our own R&D design two representative of advanced ultrasonic technology, can cut all sorts of ribbon, adopts sophisticated servo feeding, high quality imported photoelectricity response to carry on scan location, using advanced ultrasonic technology, with a special process refined mold, through PLC control, to cut a variety of specifications ribbon zipper, ribbon zipper for precision punching, shearing once completed, you can choose punching and shearing at the same time. After punching, the incision is formation, automatic sealing, no burr, do not change color; form feeding, cutting, punching, counting processes are completed in one time, advanced technology, this machine has unique security protection system, to ensure that customers can put their heart to use. This equipment has been passed CE safety certification.

The equipment’s other name: ultrasonic zipper cutting ribbon machine, ribbon cutting machine.
Technical parameters of Ultrasonic ribbon zipper cutting machine

Equipment name Ultrasonic ribbon zipper cutting machine
Model No. HD-LHJQ1507
Power 2.6KW
Voltage 220V
Weight 150Kg
Machine's size 1200*700*1300mm
Efficiency 80-100pcs/min
Cutting specification 60mm
Applicable industry: it is suitable to packaging, present, clothing, handbags, luggage, shoemaking cutting, etc.
The product configuration and characteristics:
1. The effect of using ultrasonic cutting is very full and elegant, after cutting, the incision is formation, no burr, no defulvium, make use of original quality goods.
2. Using PLC system control, meanwhile, adopts human and machine are cooperate, then complete. Through servo feeding control system; ultrasonic has an overpower protection system, reduce defective index of production greatly.
3. Using high quality original photocell tracking, high precision, equipment has a stable quality.
Co-operate manufacturers: Sang Mei Ribbon factory, Jiangsu Huiyuan zipper manufacture Co., Ltd, Xinghong zipper Co., Ltd.
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